Welcome to Happy Coops

Happy Coops Coop de ViewWelcome to HappyCoops.com, where each backyard chicken coop has been thoughtfully planned and constructed to provide not only comfort for your hens, but also a secure, predator safe environment that is also esthetically pleasing. As well, each coop's design focuses on ease of maintenance, which in turn will insure your backyard chicken experience to be a happy one.

For coming on 3 years now, our coops and runs have evolved, in large part due to the collaboration of *my own 6 hens* who have imparted much. For it's been in observing and learning from them that i feel most confident in hoping you will find a design here that will meet the needs of your urban flock or the one you're planning.

Standard Features Of Our HappyCoops

  • All coops arrive complete with locking mechanisms that are guaranteed to keep your hens safe, providing they are secured each night with the padlock, hasp or carabineer of your choice. This includes your access door, hen door, as well the nest box lid.
  • All legs, ramps, window frames and trim are made of Redwood. And of course, all runs are 100% Redwood.
  • All 1/2" plywood roof sheathing is covered with lifetime warranted Suntuf Polycarbonate panels which are affixed with galvanized rubber grommeted specialty screws.
  • All plywood is 1/2" 5-ply exterior grade.
  • All coop frame material is either 2"x 3" or 2"x 4" doug fir with exception of the 4 inside corners of the Coop de View and Coop de Grande - as they are a continuation of the legs all the way through to the rafters - of which are Redwood.
  • All windows are fashioned from 1/8" Plexiglas.
  • Both the Coop de View and Coop de Grande come standard with a slide-out plywood floor for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Beneath this floor and stapled to the top of the joist is galvanized 1/2" hardware cloth for those hot summer nights should you desire.

So i hope you enjoy browsing the newly revamped HappyCooops.com. We have simplified the site to make it easier for you to learn all about our backyard chicken coops, and i hope you will find the perfect one to house your flock. And do drop me an email or give me a call at 510 657-6727 should you have any questions i can answer.

And i thank you. ~ Dru